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Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

You're in the right place.

Somatic Movement & Counselling
to find home in your own skin. 

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Hi, I’m Erica Webb, registered counsellor, somatic exercise coach and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

I know how tricky it can be to navigate being highly sensitive in a sometimes insensitive world.

That's why I support other HSPs through counselling and somatic exercise to find more ease in their body, more calm in their mind, and more self-compassion for the challenges that come alongside this truly awesome trait. 

If you're looking for personalised 1-1 support, counselling might be the right next step. In counselling sessions we can work on the trickier parts that can come with being highly sensitive, while also discovering the huge benefits of your sensitivity.


Looking to learn more about being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and learn how to actually show up for the level of self-care and self-compassion your body and mind crave? This small group online program offers exactly that!

The DIY option for you if you're looking for Somatic Exercise and Somatic Yoga classes to nurture your body and mind from the comfort of your own space, at a time that suits you. On-demand classes, Masterclasses and more.

The Podcast - SelfKind with Erica Webb is where you can learn, connect and get curious.


Tune in here, via your favourite listening platform or watch over on YouTube.

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