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Picking a movement teacher is a little like picking a pair of shoes. You want to get it right, otherwise things will pinch and chafe and feel, well, just not quite right. Each and every teacher brings their own unique take and flair to everything they do. And I'm no different. My work blends Yoga, Pilates and Somatic exercise through a lens of curiosity, compassion and kindness.


There are a few ways you can work with me, both in person and online. Here's a great place to start:

Sign up to my '3 Days to Reduced Shoulder Tension' series to have three videos delivered directly to your inbox to help you shift shoulder tension in less time than it takes to search for a video on YouTube.


Visit me on Facebook or Instagram and you'll find lots of little videos there.


Check out my YouTube Channel (this is a work in progress ...)

Want to dive deeper? Navigate below to find what you're looking for. I hope to see you on a mat soon (whether in person or virtually!)


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