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The Full Body Reset 8 Week Program

19th October 2020 

Week 1: The Foundations

19th October 2020

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OVERVIEW: This week, we're talking about setting the foundations for your practice over the next 8 weeks:

> Mindset and how to nurture one that will support you

> Making space and time for movement

> Breathing - the #1 practice for more ease

> The movement practice

> The relaxation practice

LIVE SESSION REPLAYS: Note there are two replay videos - the first is the full session recording, the second is just the movement portion of the session if you'd like to revisit that on its own.

RESOURCES: Click on the resources below to view/access them

(we'll talk about how to use these resources during our live call!)

The breathing practice (video)

The relaxation practice (audio)

The movement snack (video)

The journal prompts

The weekly planner

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