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The Full Body Reset 8 Week Program

Week 7: Integration and Flexibility

30th November 2020

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OVERVIEW: This week, we're talking about integrating the concepts we've talked about to date, and:

> What flexibility is

> Why ease, stability and strength are important for flexibility

> Exploring a movement practice specifically designed to integrate ease, stability/strength and flexibility

LIVE SESSION REPLAYS: Note there are two replay videos - the first is the full session recording, the second is just the movement portion of the session if you'd like to revisit that on its own.

You will need a couple of props for this session:

- A blanket

- A tea towel, strap or resistance band

RESOURCES: The breathing and relaxation practices are the same as week 1, but you have a new movement snack video below.

The movement snack (video)

The breathing practice (video)

The relaxation practice (audio)

The weekly planner

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