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SelfKind Body Mind:

Somatic Exercise and Self-Kindness for aches, pains and tension

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Movement. When it comes to aches and pains, movement holds great power.


But that can be hard to see and believe through the fog of traditional fitness messaging. Messaging that tells us movement is only a vehicle for shrinking,

shredding and controlling our body.


We do things differently around here. The SelfKind way.


This is about being in conversation with ourselves and befriending our body.

We can shift persistent aches and pains while wrapping ourselves in self-kindness.

About the Workshop


During this 90 minute FREE

workshop, we'll explore:

> How somatic exercise can help you shift aches, pains and tension in a gentle

and effective way

> The role of self-kindness in managing

aches, pains and tension

> The ways your body communicates with you through sensation and how you can

listen more effectively

> A practical movement session to explore somatic exercise and feel the impact

This workshop is for you if:

🟢 You want new tools for dealing with aches, pains and tension;

tools you can use any time you need them.

🟢 You want to feel friendly and loving toward your body, not like you're fighting a constant battle with it (even if you don't know where to start).

🟢 You feel confused by all the things you think you 'should' be doing.

🟢 You are able to get down on the floor and back up again (the physical portion of the session will take place laying on the floor).

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What this workshop is NOT

❌ A promise for quick, instant or permanent relief from aches and pain. 


I realise that in saying this, some of you will choose not to register, because you want quick and permanent. I get it. And, honestly, you may well experience a change in how you feel pretty quickly, but I'm not here selling snake-oil so my claims are realistic 😂

❌ Magic.


Look, the feeling of somatic exercise and self-care can be pretty darn magical, but the reality is that we're still human in human bodies that will do stuff we would rather they didn't. The goal is embracing more of our humanity, not 'fixing' ourselves.

❌ Medical or psychological advice, nor is it a replacement for proper

medical or psychological diagnosis and care. 

This one speaks for itself. Not a doctor.

About your workshop host, Erica Webb

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I'm a mindful movement and self-kindness coach working at the intersection of mind and body. Why? Because embracing our humanity is where we start.


And we don't have to feel at the mercy of muscular aches and pains.

The body is not our adversary to be tamed!


My lighthearted, compassionate, practical approach to movement and self-care is grounded in the reality that we’re all living full and complex lives that can benefit from more of our truly-human selves, not less.


BBSc, MA (Writing), Dip Classical Yoga, Mat Pilates, Somatic Exercise Coach, Dip Counselling (currently completing).

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