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Welcome to The Full Body Reset! An 8 week course to support you to:

> move from tense to having more ease

> gently build strength and flexibility

> learn tools and techniques that will allow you to respond to tension and stress as it arises

> develop a deeper capacity for self-kindness and inner-listening

> commit to 8 weeks of self-kindness and self-care to move well and feel well.

We start on Monday 19th October and our first live call will be at 7:30pm (AEDT). If you can't join me live, please don't worry - all calls will be recorded and sent to you within 24 hours. 


Make sure you've marked my email address as 'safe' - - so you don't miss any updates, and feel free to contact me with any questions as we go!

Here's an outline of what to expect during the 8 weeks:

Week 1: The foundational principles

In Week 1 we'll explore the foundational principles including breathing well, a daily movement 'snack', why self-kindness matters and setting up the right mindset.

Week 2: Finding ease - the pelvis and hips

In Week 2 we'll build on week one and focus on the principle of finding ease through somatic exercise. We'll begin our exploration at the centre of the body - the pelvis. 

Week 3: Finding ease - the shoulders

In Week 3 we'll explore finding ease in the shoulders and arms and how this relates to the rest of the body.

Week 4: Finding ease - the spine and waist

In Week 4 we'll explore controlled and fluid movement at the spine and waist and, again, explore the ways this relates to the rest of the body.

Week 5: Centre of support - the 'core'

In Week 5 we'll explore this notion of 'core' strength and developing reflexive strength through the midline. 

Week 6: Full body strength

In Week 6 we'll explore strengthening the whole body, integrating the elements of ease and support we explored in earlier weeks.

Week 7: Stretching and fluidity

In Week 7 we'll explore stretching and fluidity and put this together with 'finding ease' and strength. 

Week 8: Integration and restoration

In Week 8 we'll pull together all of the ideas from the weeks prior and talk about how to create a sustainable practice ongoing. We'll also explore the power of restorative yoga. 

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