The Yoga of Functional Mobility

Come on a Deep Soma Dive

A five part workshop series for yoga teachers

Please note that this series is on indefinite hold during the

COVID-19 pandemic. 

In this 5-part training series, join Kerry McGregor and Erica Webb to take a deep dive into your Soma to explore what underpins stable foundations and functional movement.

Over the 5 sessions we will explore functional anatomy, looking at key structures and how they 'work' and interact, as well as common compensations and injuries that can lead to reduced function and mobility (and how we can work with them).

We'll also experience the art of Somatic Exercise as it relates to each area explored and discuss how this modality can deepen our understanding of our own Soma and how we can guide others to understand their own. Using Somatic Exercise we'll look at the ways we can work with the nervous system to make shifts in the body, as well as discovering how to uncover blindspots and re-awaken movement pathways that have been dormant.

The five workshops will cover:


> The Nervous System (April 19)

> The Shoulder Girdle (May 31)

> The Pelvic Girdle (July 26)

> The Spine (September 13)

> The Extremities (November 8)


$160 per session 

$140 for Healthcare Card Holders

OR enroll for all 5 sessions at a reduced rate:


$670 for Healthcare Card Holders

You will receive relevant resources and information about each session plus certificates of attendance that count as CPD points with peak bodies

Venue: Lilydale or Belgrave (TBC) close to public transport and cafes.

For inquiries contact Shakti on 0416 149 776.