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Giving Back, Doing Good


If you're here, I think we share some of the same values. And one of those is doing good in the world


I truly believe that our self-care and self-kindness pursuits not only change things for the better for us as individuals, but that it changes the world at a deep level.


When we feel well, when we are operating with kindness, compassion and curiosity, our capacity to be and do all we desire in the world expands. And our actions have a ripple effect that we can't ever measure, but it's SIGNIFICANT.

I wanted to build this idea of kindness and giving back into the very fabric of what we do around here. That's why from 1 July 2020, 5% of all SelfKind Hub membership fees are donated to a charitable cause each and every month (paid quarterly).

Who are we supporting?


You can find more details of the charities we've supported so far below.

I love that simply by showing up for yourself you can change the world. You already are, but this initiative can give you that warm fuzzy feeling knowing you're part of supporting positive change and growth. Thank YOU.

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