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a five part interview series exploring the ways mindful movement can help us feel better in ourselves and, consequently, have a big impact on our community and our world. 

You are so important and it is my hope that by the end of this video series you will feel inspired to move as a form of self-kindness and self-care AND you'll have some practical tips to make it a reality. Let's go!


Video 1: Three tips for creating a practical and sustainable

mindful movement practice - with Erica Webb

In this video, Erica chats about what mindful movement actually is (spoiler alert: it’s not just yoga!) and her top three tips for creating a mindful movement practice that you can actually fit into your life and stick to.


She also talks about making movement goals palatable and shifting away from feeling like movement is just another thing on our ‘should do’ list.


Compassion, curiosity and kindness lead the way.

Video 2: An interview with Karen Bleakley:

Prioritising movement as a busy mum and business owner


In this interview, Erica chats with Karen Bleakley about how she created a practical and sustainable mindful movement practice around her full life.


Karen is a mum of three (including twins), runs her own business and has a husband who works shifts. She also lives abroad from her family. She shares with us how she used small shifts to create a movement habit – even though she’s a rebel at heart!


Karen also talks about the power of structure and the importance of mindset, as well as diving into the way movement has helped her to ‘show up’ differently in her life.


Find Karen at

Video 3: An interview with Simone Russell:

Using Mindful Movement to help Manage Stress & Overwhelm


In this interview, Erica chats with Simone Russell (Occupational Therapist and Life & Mindfulness Coach) about how we can use a mindful movement practice to help manage stress and overwhelm.


Find out why understanding your values is so important in developing a movement habit; why finding the ‘path of least resistance’ is a good idea; why ‘could’ might be a better option than ‘should’; and the power of choice.


Plus, we look at why relying on motivation might not get you where you want to go, and how ‘dangling the carrot’ could work more effectively.

Find Simone at


Video 4: An interview with Mel Simon:

How Mindful Movement Impacts the Way We Hold Tension

In this interview, Erica chats with Mel Simon (Myotherapist) about the ways a mindful movement practice can change the way we hold and shift tension, as well as the ways mindful movement compliments hands-on treatment for tension.


Find out why even the most ‘low-key’ stressors and busy-ness create tension; why ‘movement snacks’ are a good idea; and how we can use a ‘buddying up’ technique to create healthy movement habits.


Find Mel at and

Video 5: An interview with Kerry McGregor:

How Mindful Movement Can Broaden our Perspective

In this interview, Erica chats with Kerry McGregor (Yoga Teacher) about the ways our physical movement practice can expand our perspective beyond the practice itself.


Find out how ‘giving attention to the subtleties broadens our perspective’ and how we can use movement to tap into the lessons of valuing ourselves, self-respect and responsibility. Because ‘everything you want to be to everyone else flows from your commitment to yourself.’


Find Kerry at and at Oslo Health & Fitness in Emerald Victoria.

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