Low back need some love?

The Low Back Love course - an 8 week online program - will give you the tools and the know-how to manage pesky tension, stiffness, and pain so you can get on with the things you love.


Because that body of yours? It's for life.

If there's one thing I've learned in over a decade of teaching movement, it's that punishing and beating ourselves with a metaphorical stick doesn't work.

There is a better way, and that way is infused with self-kindness.

And, because your low back doesn't operate in isolation, the low back love course will get your hips, shoulders and upper back moving with more ease too.

Kinda like a full body exhale. Ahhh.


Ready to learn to love up on your body through movement, even in the midst of tightness, discomfort and things 'not being like they used to be?' Join the waitlist for the Low Back Love Course!


There's nothing quite like feeling that your body is 'acting out'. The thing is, tension, tight muscles and the fear of your back 'going out' don't have to rule you.


Movement is a powerful tool for supporting yourself - shifting tension, deepening your understanding of your body and your connection with yourself.


The goal of the Low Back Love Course is to arm you with movement and self-kindness tools and the confidence to USE them. Let's get you moving with more confidence and ease.

During the course you will explore:


> The role of breathing in maintaining and shifting tension and muscle tightness 

> How to be in conversation with your body through curiosity and movement


> How movement blind-spots might be keeping you in a loop of feeling tight and stiff


> How to use somatic exercise combined with gentle yoga and pilates to release tension


> How a commitment to self-kindness changes the game


> Why simplicity and sustainability are important in managing how your body feels long-term.


How is the Low Back Love course different to what you're already doing?

The biggest difference is that the Low Back Love course is going to arm you both with the movement TOOLS to help manage low back discomfort and the KNOW-HOW for when to use them and why

This is important. When we're dealing with discomfort, tightness or pain, it's easy to move further and further away from the belief that we can have ANY positive impact on how we feel.

But by the end of the eight weeks of Low Back Love, you'll feel more confident

to use your tools, to read your body and to feel connected to what you need.

The truth is that I can't promise you'll never have low back discomfort again. Human body's are gonna keep being human. But I can promise to share some amazing tools and teach you to use them so you can feel freer in your body and more connected to yourself.

What others are saying

"I am so thankful I found you while scrolling Instagram reels. I can not believe the lack of pain I have felt just from the workshop. I am so much more aware of my body."

J - participant in Low Back Love workshop

"The movement session was fantastic and I definitely felt a shift in my lower back tension afterwards. I'm going to go back to those movements again."


Katrina - participant in Low Back Love workshop

What you'll learn:

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The nitty gritty details

The low back love course will run for 8 weeks, starting Saturday 16th July and wrapping up on 10th September 2022.

The course will be delivered via on-demand videos delivered every Saturday, as well as FOUR live calls over the course of the eight weeks. You'll also receive weekly movement classes and video/audio recordings with guided breathing and relaxation.

AND ... you'll have support from me, Erica. We'll use email and/or Voxer to stay in touch, and there will be opportunities to have individualised feedback and guidance (this will involve you uploading short video clips which you can take on your phone).


Our live calls will take place on Thursdays at 11am AEST. The dates for these calls are 21 July, 11 August, 25 August and 8 September. There WILL be recordings of all of these calls. We may also look at adding an additional time depending on numbers and timezones.


Investment: $444

for the 8 week course, including all content, calls and support

What's included:

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What kinds of outcomes can you expect?

A happier low back, for one! But what else?

greater understanding and self-compassion

the beginnings of a kinder relationship with your body

increased confidence in using movement as a tool

Feeling seen, heard
and supported

About your Low Back Love course creator and guide: Erica

Have we met yet? If not, let me introduce myself! 

I'm Erica - a mindful movement coach sharing yoga, pilates and somatic exercise through a lens of self-kindness.

My work is probably not immediately recognisable as Yoga or Pilates, because, well, it's truly a melting-pot of movement rather than one single modality taught in its purest form.

Why am I like this? Because it's what I've found works for both me and my clients. 

If you're here, chances are you're not looking for 'stand on your head' yoga or 'do a million crunches' pilates. You want a gentler way that doesn't make you feel out of your depth or fearful of what you might be asked to do. You want to feel nurtured, not punished. And that's exactly what I'm here to support you to do.

Head shot.jpg

As well as being a movement coach I'm mum to my two kids (aged 8 and 10) and two fur-kids (one dog named Emmet and a cat called Cookie). I'm based in Melbourne, Australia and have a penchant for chocolate chip cookies and all the books. 

When I'm not teaching or working you'll find me reading, studying, walking, competing with my husband to get the best result on the day's Wordle, watching something funny on Netflix or watching my kids play basketball and soccer. 

I'm an enneagram 4, a social introvert, deep thinker and lover of op shops.

In addition to my Yoga, Pilates and Somatic Exercise qualifications, I also hold a Bachelor of Behavioural Science, a Master of Arts (Writing) and am currently studying to be a Counsellor (yes, I am #obsessed with learning). 

Giving Back

Doing good in the world is important to us.

That's why giving back is a big part of what we do around here.


5% of your course fees will be donated to an organisation doing great things in the world.


For the SelfKind Low Back Love course, the donation will be given to Care Australia.

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