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Low back need some love?
The Low Back Love Workshop is for you!


Persistent tension in your low back?

Feel like your only option is a weekly appointment to get it 'fixed'? 

Know movement can help but worried about hurting yourself in the process? 

If so, this workshop is for you!

We've heard the sayings 'motion is lotion' and 'movement is medicine', but you're skeptical. You know (or at least hope) it's true ... but you can't help feeling you're missing something to make it true for you

Maybe you're in a cycle of pushing your body with movement, thinking it feels great in the moment, only to find yourself regretting it the next day.

Or maybe you've stopped exercising because it just feels too confusing and fraught with risk. 

Maybe you have your weekly or monthly appointment with your chiro and that feels like the best insurance policy just to keep things working.

Maybe you think 'I'd love to try that yoga or pilates class', but you just need a bit more direction before you feel comfortable starting. The instructions to find 'neutral pelvis' and 'engage your core' seem simple enough but somehow feel confusing in your body.

If any of this feels familiar, the Low Back Love workshop is for you! Just click here to purchase the replay.

What is covered in the workshop?

Over 2 hours, we cover:

> What the ideas of 'motion is lotion' and 'movement is medicine' really mean

> The simple idea of 'proving ability' and how it can help you navigate how much effort to exert and when to pull back 

> What pieces of the 'alignment' puzzle really matter (and what the heck they even mean)

> Why movement options matter (and how to increase yours)

> How to get the pieces of the whole working to their job description (is your hip really working like a hip? And what does this matter for your back?)

> Simple concepts you can apply to ANY movement you want to do, whether it's yoga, pilates, weight training or aerobics.

> A practical movement session you can use to find more ease in your low back and build toward more resilience.


> A replacement for proper medical attention, treatment and diagnosis

> Appropriate during the acute phases of injury

It's important to recognise I am not a treating health professional, but a movement professional here to support you to move well and with ease. I truly believe that knowledge is power, and through this knowledge you can work with your body and learn to see it as an ally. 

You should seek appropriate medical clearance to attend if you have any injuries or concerns.

Note that by registering, you understand the above limitations to the provision of this workshop and the information shared. 

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