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This week's livestream class timetable (all times AEST):

TUESDAY 2nd June @ 10am

WEDNESDAY 3rd June @ 8pm (30 minute wind-down)

THURSDAY 4th June @ 10am

SUNDAY 7th June @ 4pm

To join, log in to the virtual studio (button above) then once inside the library, click on the 'events' tab in the top right corner. From there, find the day's event and click 'join' up to 10 minutes before the start time.

Our May Masterclass is now available in the Virtual Studio Library.

We covered: The Habit of Habit on the Yoga Mat: why your habits on the mat might contribute to rather than relieve tension, and what you can do about it! Click here or on the image to watch the replay.

May Masterclass.jpg

Newest Classes in the Library


Session of the Week: 1st June 2020

Hands Free 1.jpg

Hand-Free Session Part 1. In this session we go hands-free in a practice designed for your lower body. Add in some arm movements if you choose, or leave them out!

We explore several bridge variations for resilient hips, as well as some simple core-stability movements.

Props required: a Yoga Block or equivalent (folded blanket, book)

  • Class Type: Yoga

  • Session Focus: Hips and Bum

  • Length: 20 minutes



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