You - the members of The Mindful Movement Virtual Studio - mean a lot. And because you're part of the 'mindful movers' community, you get some awesome exclusive discounts to work with me 1-1.

This might be for you if you're looking for extra guidance, tailored to your specific needs. There are a few options for working with me more closely, which are all explained below. If you want to chat first to see how it could help and which package is right for you, you can book a 15 minute call here


Which is right for you?

The Move Well, Feel Well

3 Month 1-1 package

Perfect for you if you want to work on a specific physical goal or challenge (for example, managing shoulder tension or building core strength, etc).

3, 6 or 12 sessions over 3 months.

The (Self em-)Power Hour

Single Session

Perfect for you if you need a little bit of guidance for a pose/movement that isn’t working for your body.


A single session to discuss options and alternatives.

Above the Clouds




Imagine moving beyond your habitual patterns (those ways of moving and being that keep you stuck in tension) and towards reduced tension, increased strength and flexibility. 


A series of private sessions is designed to fill your tool-kit with practices you can use to shift tension, build strength and flexibility and foster a deep sense of self-kindness.


It’s about learning to feel and reconnect with your own body, to explore movements designed to help you feel better in your own skin - as well as fitting it into YOUR life in a way that is sustainable.


The reality is that changing the way you feel long-term takes TIME and COMMITMENT. But it’s so incredibly worth it, and I’m here to help. 


Choose from one of three packages based on your needs. Each is a 3 month commitment, but with varying lengths between 1-1 sessions. Each of these packages includes:


1 x 30 min goal setting and ‘success’ consultation session (we talk about what your goals are, the time you have available, what you want to achieve etc)

1-1 60 minute calls spaced monthly, fortnightly or weekly

Access to record each session straight to your computer for future reference

Curated playlists (from the virtual studio library) to refer to between sessions and/or written suggestions 

Email support between sessions (9-5pm Mon thru Fri)


All you have to do is decide if you want to meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly!

*NOTE: at the completion of the 3 month program, you will have the option of session-to-session bookings at a member-exclusive rate of $95 per session* (when purchasing a minimum of 3 sessions)

MEMBER Move well feel well packages (2).
Above the Clouds




The power hour is for you if you don’t want the ongoing support that comes with one of the three month packages above, but you’re looking for alternatives to a pose or movement that’s causing you some challenges.


Perhaps you have an injury or specific need that you want to work with and find unique solutions to suit your individual needs.


We will chat about what you want to work around or with and come up with a few alternative practices for you to feel in control of your sessions without wondering ‘what should I be doing here when I can’t do THAT.


The (Self Em-)Power Hour includes:


60 minute 1-1 session

Record session to your computer for future reference

Follow-up email 

Investment: $100