First off, let me say a massive WELCOME to The Mindful Movement Virtual Studio!


I am thrilled that you're here.

Why am I so thrilled? Well, because it means that you've decided to prioritise yourself. And let me tell you, friend, that's no small thing. That is worthy of confetti and party-horn celebrations.

So take a moment to give yourself a high five. You're on your way.

Now, before you dive into the movement classes waiting for you in the library, take a few minutes to check out the information on this page AND use the button above to book your complimentary welcome call where I'll take you on a tour of the studio, answer any questions you have and have a chat about your goals so I can best support you with them. You can also check out the suggested props list here (these are purely optional).


Next, make sure you come over and join me and the rest of the Mindful Movement community in our private, member's only Facebook group. Here, you can ask questions and get support. 


Just click the button below to join.

And, finally, make sure you've watched the welcome video above!

In it, I welcome you and give you a little tour around the membership space. Of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me

Over the next few days you'll get some emails from me pointing out various elements of the studio to get your practice off to an amazing start. 

Welcome again - I'm so thrilled you're here!


© 2020 by Erica Webb