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Somatic Exercise and mindful movement classes on demand from the comfort of your own home.

Ready to experience more ease in your body and more peace in your relationship with yourself?


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How you feel impacts how you think and how you think impacts how you feel.


That's why, in the SelfKind Hub, we take a body-mind approach to wellbeing. The focus is on supporting you to experience more physical and mental peace through somatic movement, self-kindness and community.


All from the comfort of your own space and at a time that suits you.

Somatics - embracing your whole human self

Traditional exercise focuses on your body as a distinct entity from your mind. But there's no denying that your body and mind are intimately linked and Somatic Exercise works with that connection, not against it.


Stressed and anxious? You'll feel that in your body - tight muscles, churning belly, and maybe a tension headache to cap it off. 


That's why, in the SelfKind Hub, we focus on mindful somatic movement PLUS we centre a self-kind, self-compassionate approach that welcomes your whole human self to the experience.


Led by registered counsellor and experienced somatic movement coach Erica Webb (that's me!), the SelfKind Hub is your online home of support to love yourself and your body more so that you can feel more at peace physically and emotionally.


The goal? To create a sustainable movement and self-care practice that supports you to feel great in both body and mind. 

The how? Through somatic movement sessions that meet you where you're at and support you to move gently, mindfully and with self-kindness and compassion

Through tapping into the mind-body connection, you can find ways to move and care for yourself that help you feel good. You will develop a toolbox of movement and mindset practices you can draw upon to help you unwind physical tension, navigate self-criticism and doubt, and manage the impact of stress.


The classes inside the hub are pretty unique - somatic exercise with a bit of gentle yoga and pilates in the mix. These classes ask you to move slowly and gently but they still deliver BIG time on increasing ease, mobility and comfort.

And it's not just about the body - through these classes you will foster more self-compassion, kindness, trust and understanding.

Inside the SelfKind Hub, classes range from 5 to 60 minutes (and everything in between) because this is about SUSTAINABILITY and knowing that SOMETHING is always better than nothing.


Perfectionism isn’t the way.


We’re kicking guilt-induced movement to the curb.


Inside the SelfKind Hub, it’s about focusing on what supports you to feel the way you want to feel, not worrying about or entertaining the ‘shoulds’.

The best news? You get to do it from the comfort of your own space, and still get support from the collective SelfKind community (and me, Erica!).


What is Somatic Exercise?

Somatic Exercise is a mindful movement modality that uses pandiculation to create more ease in the body. While it sounds like a big, complicated word, pandiculation isn't actually unfamiliar - just think of the movement of a big, full body yawn.


Essentially, somatic exercise involves a muscular contraction followed by a slow release, finished off with a moment of melt (aaaah).


We generally pandiculate specific areas of the body in any one movement, to support the brain-body connection (which matters a lot when it comes to reducing pain and tension and increasing ease) and to shift tension in that area.


Somatic exercise is not stretching (though we do stretch in classes as well); it's not strength training (though it can support strength training significantly). It's a brain-body technique that can reduce tension and enhance your capacity to listen to and connect with your body through slow, mindful, gentle movement.

What's inside the SelfKind Hub?

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Somatic Exercise classes and mindful movement sessions ranging from 5 - 60 minutes, designed to help you unwind tension and experience more ease. New classes are added every month. Access them on-demand any time, anywhere.

Classes tailored to specific needs - from reducing shoulder or hip tension to sessions that can be done in bed or in a chair.

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A Class of the Day Calendar to simplify class selection and just get moving. These classes are all 30 minutes or less.

Regular livestream classes to practice with our global community. These classes are all recorded and added to the class library for everyone to enjoy any time. See the current schedule here.

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Additional resources including Guided Audio Meditation and Relaxation Tracks, Printable classes so you can practice offline, and helpful worksheets.

Monthly Masterclasses to dive more deeply into self-care, movement, self-kindness and more. Led by registered counsellor and somatic movement coach, Erica Webb and invited specialist guests.

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A private SelfKind Hub Community Group on Facebook to ask questions and share resources.

Live Class Schedule

Current SelfKind Hub Live Class Schedule

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The SelfKind Hub could be for you if you are:

> Ready to prioritise yourself. You know that the time and energy you put into looking after yourself increases your capacity to be and do all you desire in the world.

> Committed to your own wellbeing. You know that in order to make changes to the way you feel, you need to commit to showing up for yourself with consistency and you're ready for that.

> Curious about movement and the capacity of your body.

> Invested in caring for your mental wellbeing and understanding the mind-body intersection.

> Tired of dealing with constant muscle tension and not knowing what to do to shift it and manage it.

> Looking to practice from home using on-demand and/or livestream classes.

The SelfKind Hub isn't for you if you are:

> Looking for a quick, magical fix to all that ails you.

> Wanting a yoga or Pilates practice that is hard, fast or 'shred' worthy.

> Not interested in learning more about yourself and your body - and the way they interact.

> Looking for in-person classes at a studio.

Is the

SelfKind Hub

right for you?

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Doing good and giving back is part of what we do around here.


So, each and every month (or each year if you join as an annual member), 5% of your membership fee is donated to a charitable cause.

Find out more about this initiative here.


That's something to smile about. 

Monthly Membership

Less than $10 per week

Billed at $43 per month

Price locked in for the life of your membership

Cancel any time. Billed monthly.

Annual Membership

$8.30 per week

Billed at $430 per year

Price locked in for the life of your membership.

Billed annually.

Join Now
  • Does it matter if I can't attend livestream classes?
    Absolutely not! Everything that happens live is recorded and loaded to the SelfKind library, so you never miss out. For Masterclass calls you can also pre-submit questions for me (or my guests) to answer during the call.
  • How do I access the SelfKind Hub?
    You can access the SelfKind Hub from whatever device you prefer. Laptop, desktop, mobile ... lots of members even cast the classes to their television for a large-as-life experience! The site is optimised for desktop and mobile, so any device is a go! Livestream classes take place on Zoom and you can access them from right inside the studio with the click of a button.
  • I'm not very tech-savvy. Will this work for me?
    I've kept the tech as simple as possible and as easy-to-use as I can! And I'm here to help - if there's anything you're not sure of, I have tech support on hand to sort it out.
  • Can I get a free trial? I just want to be sure I like it before I commit.
    I don't currently offer free trials, but I'm more than happy to answer questions you might have. Plus, if you sign up monthly, you can cancel any time, no strings attached. You can also visit my YouTube channel for free classes to get a feel for what they're like.
  • Will I be able to cancel without jumping through hoops?
    You know it. No hoop jumping required around here. You have full control over your account - you can update your payment information and other details and cancel your membership without a single hoop to jump through.
  • I've never done yoga, pilates or somatics before. Is this ok?"
    Absolutely! These classes are designed for everyone - from first-timers to seasoned yogis. This isn't contortionism or an audition for cirque du soleil. This is gentle movement informed by science and psychology to help you feel good. End of story. Plus, YOU are in control. That particular movement doesn't feel good? No drama! Stop and try something else. The primary objective is to get you moving and trusting your body. No pushing, forcing or striving in sight.
  • I like to work hard when I work out. Will these classes make me sweat?
    Only if you put the heater on. I love a good sweat too, but these classes aren't that. They work beautifully alongside your sweat sessions though. These classes might get your heart beating more quickly in some sessions and you might find some movements challenging from a sneaky-strength perspective, but they aren't based on aerobics and speed isn't the aim.
  • What even is somatics?
    What a great question! Somatics is a movement modality that supports your body to find ease. It's gentle movement done mindfully, with the intention of finding clarity in the brain-body relationship. You can almost think of it as akin to turning the computer off and on again. It's been described by others as a reset - a way of unwinding the movement compensations and habits that lead us into tension, to find more ease and comfort.
  • I have more questions. Can you answer them, please?"
    Of course! I'm here to help. Simply email

A little about Erica, founder of the SelfKind Hub; Registered Counsellor and Somatic Movement Coach.

I've been a movement teacher for 13 years. In that time, the most significant thing I've come to realise is how important self-kindness and compassion are. This was transformative for me personally, and has underpinned my work for years. 

Outside of my work you'll find me doing one of the many things I love: rollerskating, reading, playing or watching basketball, drawing, eating or making chocolate chip cookies, gazing in awe at the moon, hanging out with my kids and husband. 


I'm mum of two school-aged boys, one dog and one cat. I like to laugh, listen to my music on loud, and fill my house with books.

Hi! I'm Erica.
I'm so pleased you're here

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