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SelfKind Hub PLUS membership

Doing this 'human thing' can be challenging, right?


It can feel like you're forever bumping up against yourself and your own criticisms, not to mention the stresses that we face every day from the outside world. The outcome: a tight, tense body and a mind that struggles to find peace. 


It is my belief that embracing more of your humanity (not pushing it away) is where we start to heal. The guilt, the shame, the frustration, the self-criticism - they don't go away because you punish yourself more for experiencing them. 

And your body? It can be your greatest ally in this process of befriending yourself.

This is the work we can do together in holistic counselling sessions as part of your SelfKind Hub PLUS membership: 

  • fostering a kind and honest relationship with yourself

  • exploring the things - including beliefs, experiences and circumstances - that are impacting your capacity to move toward the life and relationships you want

  • re-connecting with your body and its wisdom

  • exploring tools and practices to help manage stress, overwhelm, anxiety and burnout

  • tailoring your experience with the tools available in the SelfKind Hub - from movement sessions to guided audio and masterclasses. 

The SelfKind Hub gives you all the tools, but you want some extra support, too. Because, honestly, being human is tricky. You don't have to navigate it alone.


SelfKind Hub PLUS membership takes what we do inside the Hub to another level with 1-1 support to help you navigate your specific challenges, goals and needs. 

SelfKind Hub PLUS membership could be for you if you’re:

  • dealing with persistent or chronic pain, and nervous about navigating movement on your own

  • wrestling with feelings of guilt, shame, resentment, exhaustion or burnout and unsure about how to claim this time for yourself without prioritising everyone else first

  • struggling to actually DO the self-care you know you need (where does the time go?!)

  • struggling with additional life-stuff, anxiety, overwhelm and/or self-criticism.

Looking for counselling but not interested in the SelfKind Hub membership?


I get it - you may not want the whole lot. All good: 1-1 holistic counselling sessions are available outside of the SelfKind Hub, too. 

Ok, but what is actually involved?

Doing a new thing can feel hard, right? And a new thing like holistic counselling or therapy can give you all the vulnerability feels and bring up all the questions - is there something wrong with me?, will I get this 'right'?, how can I open up to a stranger? Plus, there's the added 'what if' of not knowing what to actually expect. So here's a little snapshot of what you can expect as a member of SelfKind Hub PLUS.

1. You apply here. This might seem like an unusual step, but here's why this bit is important: Holistic counselling sessions are conducted alongside the SelfKind Hub community membership - which gives you access to mindful movement classes, masterclasses that dive deeply into the mind-body connection, and guided audio and other therapeutic resources. I have a limited number of places for Holistic Counselling within this community, and that's why application is essential.

2. You become a SelfKind Hub PLUS member and gain access to all the classes and resources in the Hub (which you can learn about here), as well as a personalised monthly1 hour holistic counselling session.

3. We work together in the Hub and in 1-1 sessions. In this way, I can direct you to resources (and we can work through some together) to help you navigate the challenges you're facing. We talk and I'll support you in the way that best fits your needs. 

Importantly, you can add on additional counselling sessions, downgrade or cancel your commitment if and when needed. The goal of holistic counselling is to meet you where you need to be met. So we're flexible!

SelfKind Hub PLUS membership - cost and location

Cost: $200 AUD per month for SelfKind PLUS. This includes full access to the SelfKind Hub and 1 x 1 hour counselling session per month. Additional counselling sessions are available - just email Erica to discuss.


Location: Anywhere! I conduct all 1-1 sessions online.

How many sessions will I need? What happens if I don't need counselling any more?

Great questions! And the answer is to the first one is ... it depends. We will talk about this together in your first session, but I ask that you come prepared to commit to six sessions (i.e. 6 months) as a start. It’s possible you’ll need less and its also possible that you’ll want more.


Self-care, self-discovery and self-kindness is a long-game. I can’t and don’t promise quick-fix miracles, but what I do promise is compassionate support to help you reach your goals.


You may find that the monthly 1-1 support is valuable long-term. Or you may find that at some point you want to drop back to the standard SelfKind Hub membership ($80/month) or cancel entirely. All of these are options and easy ones at that!

I want to apply but I have questions.

No worries! Just click here and book a free 15 minute 'good fit' call. No pressure, no commitment.

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