Shoulders need some love?

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The SelfKind Shoulder Love Immersion is a program designed to help you love up on your shoulders, neck and upper back!


Over 6 weeks, be guided through movement to help you manage pesky shoulder, neck and upper back tension and stiffness so you can get on with the things you love.


But more than that, you'll be armed with the knowledge and tools to feel more confident in using movement to help you feel more ease long term.


There's nothing quite like feeling that your body is 'acting out'.

The thing is, tension and tight muscles don't have to rule you.


Movement is a powerful tool for supporting yourself - shifting tension, deepening your understanding of your body and your connection with yourself.


The goal of the SelfKind Shoulder Love Immersion is to arm you with those movement tools and develop the confidence to use them.

Over the course of 6 weeks, you will explore:


> The role of breathing in maintaining and shifting tension and muscle tightness 

> How to be in conversation with your body through curiosity and movement


> How movement blind-spots might be keeping you in a loop of feeling tight and stiff


> How to use somatic exercise combined with gentle yoga and pilates to release tension


> How a commitment to self-kindness changes the game


> Why simplicity and sustainability are important in managing how your body feels long-term.

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What we'll cover

What’s included:

> Easy to watch videos, audio tracks and helpful printable handouts to make it simpler to fit movement and learning into your day and week.

> Six (6) weekly modules including short theory and practice videos and short and sweet movement snack options.

> Three (3) livestream zoom sessions to ask questions, trouble-shoot, and go over the main content.

> Access to email support.

> Ongoing access to course material (re-watch any time).

Key dates:

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Giving Back

Doing good in the world is important to us.

That's why giving back is a big part of what we do around here.


5% of your course fees will be donated to an organisation doing great things in the world.


For the SelfKind Shoulder Love course, the donation will be given to Care Australia.

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