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Video and audio resources are below. Explore Somatic Movement for connection, ease and nervous system love and a guided Self-Compassion audio track.


TIP: Click on the expand button (the four arrow box) on the video to play in full screen.

Lower Back Melt: Lower back feeling tight? Let's invite it to melt in this session that focuses on somatic exercise and using the breath to find more ease.

Upper chest + shoulder release: one simple somatic movement to bring more ease and comfort to the upper chest and shoulders.

Simple Somatics: In this session we're exploring a simple somatic exercise sequence that unwinds tension from top to toe.

Nervous System Soothe: This session is all about soothing the nervous system. Gentle, rhythmic movement, long slow breaths and the basic exercise to engage the vagus nerve.

Take a Seat Somatics: We're exploring somatic exercise from shoulders to hips in this session - but all from a chair!

The Basic Exercise: An overview of the Basic Exercise to engage the Vagus Nerve.

Self-Compassion Audio Track: Meeting yourself with compassion can support you in regulating your nervous system and navigating a way through self-criticism. Use this audio track to support your exploration of self-compassion.

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NSN Cheat Sheet.jpg

Nervous System Nurture Cheat Sheet: Six different practices for nervous system nurture. Download it to refer to regularly. (Just click the image to download)

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