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Week 3: The art & science of inner listening

Welcome to Week 3 where we're exploring the art and science of inner listening. We'll be exploring and mapping our nervous system states and considering how these relate to our values and the 'things that get in the way' that we considered last week.

Here are your steps this week:

1. Download your week 3 checklist by clicking on the image below

2. Download your week 3 workbook by clicking on the image below

3. Watch the week 3 introduction Video below (this is a short overview - the live call (and replay) is where we'll get into it more deeply)

4. Join the LIVE call on Wednesday 22nd November 2023 at 11am or 8pm AEDT OR catch the replay (available below from Thursday 23rd November 2023)

5. Share in our discussion group - what insights, questions and challenges would you like to share?

6. Check out the RESOURCES page for some new resources: a nervous system nurture cheat sheet, seated somatics section and instructions to do the basic exercise.

Week 3 Video
Week 3 Introduction Video: The art & science of inner listening
Week 3 Live Call Replay
Week 3 Replay
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