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You're ready to treat yourself with kindness;
to work
with your body, not against it;
to face your inner critic with compassion;
to find a sense of home in your own skin.

But maybe you don't know where to start.
I'd love to support you to figure that out.

Here's how we can work together:

SelfKind Hub (1000 x 1000 px).png

SelfKind Hub: This is your online home of Somatic Exercise and Mindful Movement Classes. On-demand and livestream sessions designed to support you to move with more ease and meet yourself with kindness.

Accessible any time, anywhere, the SelfKind Hub brings somatic exercise and mindful movement classes to your home, wherever you might live.


SOMA:HOME: This 6 week group course is a deep-dive into
befriending your body and mind.

Over 6 weeks, get to the heart of what stops you from caring for - and ultimately loving - yourself and your body. So that self-care becomes a default way of being, not something to chase.

So that your experience of your inner world is one of coming home, not going into battle.

This course runs live multiple throughout the year. Click below to learn more and sign up (or get on the waitlist).

Copy of SOMA HOME (2).png

1-1 Counselling: Counselling support to work through the challenges of being human. I specialise in supporting people who feel stressed, anxious, self-critical or dealing with persistent pain or tension.


You might identify as a 'people pleaser', 'perfectionist' and/or not sure how to move from self-critical to self-kind and loving toward yourself. Counselling can occur weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Counselling incorporates tools to support your body and mind.

Movement consult.png

1-1 Movement: This is movement support without any counselling. Tailored mindful movement, including somatic exercise, to support you with tension, pain and unwinding stress. 


Please note that movement is incorporated with Counselling sessions as well - this option is for you if you ONLY want movement support without any counselling elements.

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