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A mind-body approach to nourishing movement and self-kindness

Hi, I'm Erica Webb and I'm here supporting humans to embrace their humanity (hello self-kindness!) while using the power of movement to shift physical tightness and tension. 

Movement as an act of punishment? Not here.


We're choosing to meet ourselves where we're at

with kindness, curiosity and compassion.

Mind and body are intimately intertwined;

so, here, you'll get support for both.


How can we work together? Learn more below.


Shall we dive in?

Here's some more ways you can learn and connect:


You'd be forgiven for thinking movement and exercise are just ways to change how your body looks.

(Thanks for that, exercise culture ...)


But that's not what we do around here.


Instead, we're using movement to nurture, explore and, ultimately, trust our body and our own wisdom.


Movement for connection, understanding, curiosity, relief of pain and tension ...

Sound good? You might just love it inside the SelfKind Hub.