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I am so thrilled you’re here! I’m Erica Webb - a counsellor, somatic mindful movement coach and self-kindness advocate. My goal is to support you to befriend yourself and your body.

So that, instead of feeling like you’re in combat with yourself or trying to wrestle yourself into the habits and thinking you desire, you can lead with kindness and feel like your own soft place to land.

Ok, so let me tell you a bit more about me.

My career as a movement teacher began after I left the corporate world at the ripe ol’ age of 27. 

I was already burned out and deeply confused about who I was, what I wanted and where I was going.
I had entered the corporate world full of excitement for what I was going to do - armed with my Bachelor of Behavioural Science degree and ready to put it to use! 

But what I found was that my values were totally misaligned with the organisations I worked at, and I just couldn’t figure out how to be ok with that. So, instead, I decided to become a yoga teacher. Yoga had long been a huge part of my life and I knew that one day I wanted to take that further. So I did! I became a yoga teacher, had two kids, completed my Masters degree (in writing, while my babies napped in 15 minute intervals. Ugh.) and then promptly fell into a hole of self-loathing and exhaustion.

This was the darkest period of my life. I truly hated who I had become and found it almost intolerable living inside my own head. While I was still practicing and teaching yoga, I knew there was something missing. When I found that something it changed EVERYTHING. 

What was that something? Kindness. 

Self-kindness literally changed everything for me and I've found it has changed so much for my clients as well. Instead of moving and acting and being from a place of punishment or proving my 'enough-ness’ self-kindness allowed me to be honest with what I needed and where I was. Game. Changing. 

Now, I like myself. A lot. I no longer sit in self-loathing and punishment. Sure, that negative voice is still there and it still offers its opinion of things I could be doing better … but I don’t let that voice drive anymore. We’re friends, even. 

Over the years I’ve done more study and training in movement modalities including Somatic Exercise (an absolutely PIVOTAL moment in my life and career), Mat Pilates and Restorative Yoga. I’ve also gone on to become a registered Counsellor. 

The addition of counselling is the thing that brings it all together for me (and for you, should we work together!). My early studies in Behavioural Science set the foundations for how I work: with a recognition that body and mind are not separate, but deeply intertwined. Being able to hold space for my clients to navigate this and how it impacts their relationship with themselves and the world around them is transformative. 

I’m thrilled to bring movement AND mind-based tools together. It’s the best of everything I’ve been through myself, but with one key difference: I KNOW that everyone’s story is deeply unique. Yes, we can see ourselves in others’ stories, but YOUR story is important and one-of-a-kind. So your counselling should reflect that.

Anyway, that's a bit about my story. I'm so thrilled you're here and I look forward to hearing your story too. If you want to learn more about working together, head here.
Here's to meeting yourself with kindness and curiosity.

Erica x

Bachelor of Behavioural Science
Masters of Arts (Writing)
Diploma of Counselling
Diploma of Classical Yoga (Australian College of Classical Yoga)
Somatic Exercise Coach (LivingYoga)
Mat Pilates (Taube Pilates)
Restorative Yoga Level 1 (Bliss Baby Yoga)


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