Connection. Space. Strength.
Feeling and noticing and getting curious about body and mind.
Moving beyond our habits to discover the possibilities that exist.

That is my ethos and my passion.

I'm Erica Webb - a Yoga, Mat Pilates and Somatic Exercise Coach based in Melbourne, Australia. 

I believe that movement should be an exploration of possibility. An opportunity to be in deep connection and conversation with ourselves. A chance to see ourselves through compassionate eyes that are brimming with curiosity and kindness.

Movement is powerful. Mindful movement is more powerful still.

At my core I'm curious, kind, committed and just the right amount of quirky.

What led me here? To be honest, it was a twisty road (aren't they all?).
After high school I went to university, where I stayed for many years. I was studying a double degree in Law and Behavioural Science but part way through a panic attack in the middle of my Contract Law exam led me to question that path. I think that was truly one of the first moments I can remember trusting my intuition to make a different choice. I was winning awards at university and being offered prestigious opportunities. But I felt empty and completely unaligned. I loved what I was learning in my Behavioural Science studies though, so I followed on with that, thinking that I'd become a psychologist. 

After a few years though, I was ready to enter 'the real world' and get a 'real' job. I decided not to continue onto my masters (and become a psychologist) and instead go out and do some work. That saw me make a foray into the corporate world, then the Government Sector, and finally into the world of Not-For-Profit.
But still ... it didn't feel like the right fit. My gut was telling me 'this isn't it.' 

There was one serendipitous moment when I remember saying to my yoga teacher: "I could do yoga all day" and she answered with "you should teach then." I laughed it off - surely that was not the path for me. But, sure enough, a seed had been planted, and feeling exhausted and broken out in the 'real world' of work, I decided to become a yoga teacher.
Why yoga? When I was practicing I felt quiet; I could hear myself and feel things in a way that felt peaceful, unrushed and curious. 

So, I became a yoga teacher. I left my job (and my salary) and started teaching and learning (always always learning). That first course led to many others and, to this day, I'm still learning every day.

The biggest shift for me happened not so long ago. I am a mother to two boys. To say I found early motherhood challenging would be an understatement. I became someone I did not like. I was anxious all of the time, utterly depleted and full of self-loathing. I had my yoga and I was still teaching and I loved it, but I knew there was something missing, and when I found it, it changed EVERYTHING. 

What was that something? Kindness. 

Self-kindness literally changed everything for me and I've found it has changed so much for my students as well. Instead of moving from a place of punishment or proving my 'enough-ness', or simply because I 'should' self-kindness allowed me to be honest with what I needed and where I was. Game. Changing. 

Now, I like myself. A lot. I know longer sit in self-loathing and punishment. And my movement practice and teaching reflects that. I'm not here to tell anyone what they SHOULD do. I'm simply here to offer suggestions for things that could help, and to offer a path that allows you to develop that self-kindness and deep listening for yourself. 

I'm so far from being a yoga or pilates 'purist' ... over the years my studies and training have brought me to a place where I merge the best of what I understand from Yoga, Pilates, Somatic Exercise, Behavioural Science and Neurology (how our brain affects our movement). I'm pretty sure I'll never stop learning or studying or playing. Hooray for that, right? 

Anyway, that's a bit about my story. I'm so thrilled you're here and I look forward to hearing your story too.
Here's to moving well, with kindness and curiosity.

Erica x

My Qualifications Include:

Bachelor of Behavioural Science
Masters of Arts (Writing)
Diploma of Classical Yoga (Australian College of Classical Yoga)
Somatic Exercise Coach (LivingYoga)
Mat Pilates (Taube Pilates)
Restorative Yoga Level 1 (Bliss Baby Yoga)