I know you want to find easy ways to fit mindful movement into your life. I'm with you. 

These printable resources will help you plan with kindness and track your favourite classes.

Session Planner.jpg

Print the session planner to help you plan out your classes for the week or month. This is designed to get you thinking about how you want to feel.

Focus on being realistic and kind.

Click the image to open and print.

Session Tracker.jpg

Print the session tracker to help you keep track of your favourite sessions, wish list and sessions completed. Add notes about why you loved a particular session and how it made you feel.​

Each session has a unique ID to make it easy.

Click the image to open and print.

Masterclass Habit Sheet.jpg

This printable goes with the Masterclass session 'The Art & Science of Habit Forming' which you'll find in the Masterclasses & Workshops section of the membership. Print and work through it as part of the masterclass to assist in forming a movement habit.

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