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a 6 week deep-dive into
befriending your body and mind

The next round of SOMA:HOME starts in May 2024.

Join the early interest list to be the first to know!


Over 6 weeks, get to the heart of what stops you from caring for - and ultimately loving - yourself and your body.


So that self-care becomes a default way of being, not something to chase.


So that your experience of your inner world is one of coming home, not going into battle.

What to expect:

  • 6 weeks of mind-body exploration to support you in uncovering (and moving beyond) the real reasons that self-care feels hard (and why sometimes it is so difficult to be your own best friend)​

  • Enquiry and discussion around the beliefs, values and conditioning that contributes to your capacity to care for your needs and meet your body with kindness

  • Practical somatic (body-based) practices to help regulate your nervous system, unwind tension and learn to truly listen to your body.

At the end of the course you will:

  • Feel more confident in looking after yourself and your body - going from having a whole lot of 'shoulds' around self-care to actually living self-care

  • Feel more connected with your body - understanding more clearly how to listen to it and respond with kindness and curiosity over judgement and force

  • Understand what supports you to be your own ally, rather than feeling like you're in a me vs 'it' relationship with your body and mind

  • Have a bunch of tools that you can use every day to deepen your relationship with yourself and your body, reducing tension and increasing ease in the process.

What others are saying

The first lesson was like an earthquake for me - when I realised how many of the values that guided my life were actually externally instilled rather than internally anchored (and actually important!) ones.


Using the work to really excavate my beliefs and decide a new (and kinder!) path forward has been phenomenal.

Kerry, SOMA:HOME participant

This program helped me learn about tools I can use to shift my nervous system and state. As well as how to better understand the communication between the mind and the body and how to find home (SOMA) in day to day life. This course would be great for anyone. Movement teachers would benefit from the science of it all in understanding clients. Anyone processing tension, past trauma, or feeling stuck would benefit from this course.

Dana, SOMA:HOME participant

This course was exactly what I needed. With great delivery, resources and tools the content learned will remain useful well after the completion of the course. I delivered a greater respect for my body and awareness of when to increase my self-care. I recommend this course to anyone who wishes to develop their relationship with themselves.

Cassie, SOMA:HOME participant

I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn skills and tools to help calm their nervous system. I feel like I have been able to build better awareness of my bodies needs and I'm able to respond in more useful ways. Erica is such a fantastic facilitator, she created such a compassionate environment for SOMA:HOME, it that was so lovely to be a part of it.

Kelsey, SOMA:HOME participant

What we explore in SOMA:HOME

Week 1 is all about laying a foundation of moving your body as a way of self-listening and self-soothing.

We talk about why somatics can be such a powerful tool for unwinding tension and learning to speak your body's language (demystifying the ol' 'listen to your body' directive)



In Week 2 you'll explore your values - specifically the values that most reflect
the relationship you want to have with yourself and your body.

Why values? Because often self-care attempts centre more on what you think you 'should' be doing. When you focus on your own values, magic starts to happen.



In Week 3 you'll look at the things that get in the way of a) the relationship you truly desire with yourself and your body and b) your relationship with self-care.


What gets in the way? All the 'shoulds' you've internalised over a lifetime of human-ing, plus your (very relatable) attempts to shield yourself from shame. We're exploring all of this, plus how to extract yourself (lovingly) from their grip.



In Week 4 you'll deepen your understanding of your body - by getting to know your nervous system. Why does your body respond the way it does? How can you get more skilled at reading its signs so that you can care for yourself more deeply?

You'll map your nervous system states for deeper understanding, responsiveness and compassion.



In Week 5 you'll explore how to navigate self-care and self-kindness in real-time in the real world. Because, at the end of the day (or our 6 weeks together) you'll still be a human navigating a very human world. So how do you use these tools in a way that is supportive, realistic and matched with your current needs?



Self-compassion is woven throughout SOMA:HOME, but in Week 6 we're giving it a bit more air-time. How does self-compassion support you when you feel you've gone backwards? How does it gently encourage you to keep re-aligning with your values and desired actions? We'll explore this as well as the question of 'where to from here' in Week 6.




'I have been doing the somatic exercises and sleeping better and can notice a difference in my stress levels. There are many courses on self love but they don't actually teach you how to apply the practical side of the information. Erica made it easy to understand and easy to apply.'

- Julie - SOMA:HOME participant -

'By connecting with my values, I feel like I have a better understanding of my 'why'. I've increased curiosity and am working on decreasing judgement of myself and decisions- I am definitely listening to my body more. This has come at the right time for me, wanting to increase my relationships with myself, my body and others.'

- Laura - SOMA:HOME participant -

The practical details


The next round of SOMA:HOME starts in May 2024. Exact dates will be released closer to the time. Each week we gather on a live call (which lasts approximately 90 minutes.


Typically, live calls run at TWO times each week (and run for approximately 90 minutes) to account for multiple timezones/preferences. You can attend at either 11am or 8pm AEDT/AEST.

To get the most out of this course it is highly recommended that you attend live every week - it's where we work through the content together. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and learn from others. Calls run for 90 minutes each week.

Can't attend live? Replays will be uploaded to the SOMA:HOME portal within 24 hours of the live call.


$250 (AUD) for the 6 week course.

This includes all live calls, downloadable workbooks, access to a closed discussion community and ongoing access to videos and course materials after the course ends.

Enrolment for the May 2024 round is not currently open, but you can join the early interest list to be the first to know when it is!

Watery Background

Question + Answers

When are the course calls?

Group calls run at 11am and 8pm AEDT each Wednesday. You can attend either time.

What if I can't attend live?

It is highly recommended that you attend calls live - it's where we work through material together AND it gives you the opportunity to ask questions and learn from others. However, this isn't high school, so attendance is not compulsory. Replays will be available. But I still highly recommend attending live!

What do I need to participate?

Access to Zoom and a computer (or phone). No special equipment required. Some materials will be printable, but if you don't have access to a printer (or a desire to print stuff) you can use a pencil and paper (or digital device) instead.

How much time do I need to commit each week?

Our weekly live calls are scheduled for 90 minutes each. In addition, there will be somatic movement practices to explore - these can take anywhere from 5 minutes - 30 minutes per day, depending on what you choose.

Hm, group stuff - how does this compare to 1-1 counselling?

1-1 counselling is ace. But it can add up quickly - weekly counselling at $120 per session is $720 over 6 weeks. Which is fine ... unless it isn't. Group work isn't better or worse than 1-1 work. It's simply different. In fact, a lot of the insight and growth you experience in SOMA:HOME will be BECAUSE of the group, not in spite of it. We are a social species. Shared humanity matters. The tools we're working with are the same tools I use with my 1-1 counselling clients, applied to a group. 

What if I don't want to share with the group?

Then you don't have to! Your desires will be honoured. I'm here to hold space for what you need and want - not to push you to do things you don't want to do.

How much movement is involved? What if I have an injury or certain limitations?

Movement will be primarily somatic exercise and other somatic enquiry-based exercises. This modality is super gentle and slow. Modifications are always possible - if you want to talk about your specific situation before signing up, send me an email at

Is this suitable for everyone?

Nothing truly is, is it? So, no.

This isn't for you if:

  • you're looking for 1-1 support or to explore your specific history in a counselling relationship

  • you're unable to commit to weekly participation (that said, it's ok if you can't make every live call - life, right?!)

  • you're currently in a state of crisis and need tailored, high levels of support (please reach out at if this is you and we will find you the right support)

This could be for you if:

  • You're open, curious and ready to commit to a loving relationship with yourself and your body - you just don't know where to start. 

  • You're comfortable with a group format and understand this is not 1-1 counselling support.

How long can I access course content for?

You will get ongoing access to the course materials. Lifetime access, which really just means access for as long as the course exists (which I anticipate will be a very long time!). That said, it is HIGHLY encouraged to participate weekly - this will give you the best chance of completing it, which is why you're signing up, right?


This course is not 1-1 counselling support. Calls will be recorded for access by group members unable to attend live. By participating, you agree to keep confidential anything shared in confidence by other group members.

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