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Let me tell you straight up - you absolutely DO NOT have to invest in a set of props to get wonderful results or to make the most of the virtual studio.

Here, however, you will find a list of my favourite props. I do use them in the virtual studio in SOME classes, however I will always offer you alternatives and you can generally do any of the classes without props or with simple things you already have in your home. You'll notice that props are listed in the description of each class so you can pick and choose as you please.

That said, this list of props will help you to add resistance and support to your practice. Included are links to just some of the places you could source these supplies. They are not affiliate links and you can certainly find local makers in your area.

Resistance Band

You can buy these in long strips or in loops.


If you're going for just one, I'd recommend a long band in a medium weight - it is very versatile!

I use the PTP Fitness branded ones, which you can find here (I use green), but you can also find these marketed as 'Therabands' or 'resistance bands' in many different places.


Pilates Ball

These balls are amazing. Possibly one of my all time favourite props. 

We can use them as a self-massage tool, as well as for strength, proprioceptive feedback, support and more.

I have used both the 66fit branded ones, the PTP Fitness ones and you can also find another called the 'Coregeous ball' and from other suppliers marketed as a 'pilates' or 'gertie' ball. 



Perfect for restorative practices, as well as for supporting the body during lower body work, as well as a comfy place to sit for meditation, bolsters are a workhorse prop!

I've used Stretch Now bolsters for a long time, but you can find loads of different options via a Google search.


Yoga Blocks

Versatility in a rectangle piece of foam. A yoga block (or two) is a wonderful prop to have on hand for so many reasons. We can use it for balance, strength, mobility and flexibility work, and it can also be used to set your bolster up for particularly delicious restorative practices. 

These can be picked up at a sports store or your local Clark Rubber (for my fellow Aussies).


Pilates Circle/Magic Circle

The ol' 'magic' circle. These are helpful for adding some resistance and creating some fun and interesting challenges for coordination! 

I've picked these up from my local Kmart in the past, and they're also available from many sporting suppliers.


Other Handy Stuff

A folded blanket is ALWAYS handy. As is a small pillow. You can also use a rolled towel or tea towel. All this stuff you already have on hand!

A set of 1kg dumbells might come in handy, or even just a can of soup from the pantry, or your full water bottle. 

A yoga mat can be used if you like! 

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