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Doing this 'human thing' can be challenging, right?


It can feel like you're forever bumping up against yourself and your own criticisms, not to mention the stresses that we face every day from the outside world. The outcome: a tight, tense body and a mind that struggles to find peace.


Here's what I believe:

  • you benefit from embracing more of your humanity, not from pushing it away

  • your body is your ally and learning to work with it and learn from it is some of the greatest work you can do

  • sharing in your humanity is a gift - you do not have to work it all out on your own or hide the parts of you that feel less 'tidy' (counselling gives you the space to acknowledge and navigate this!)

  • you are not broken and do not need to be fixed; but you can benefit greatly from support to navigate this human life

This is the work we can do together in counselling sessions

  • fostering a kind and honest relationship with yourself

  • exploring the things - including beliefs, experiences and circumstances - that are impacting your capacity to move toward the life and relationships you want

  • re-connecting with your body and its wisdom

  • exploring tools and practices to help manage stress, overwhelm, anxiety and burnout.

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How you feel impacts how you think

and how you think impacts how you feel.


That's why I take a holistic, mind-body approach.

Whether you're finally committing to your own wellbeing (how long have you put others' needs first?) or navigating stress, anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, persistent pain or self-criticism, I'd be honoured to support you.

Somatic counselling with me (Erica Webb) could be for you if you’re:

feeling lost and disconnected from yourself and your body,


wrestling with feelings of guilt, shame, resentment, exhaustion or burnout,


experiencing persistent or chronic pain,


struggling to actually DO the self-care you know you need,


experiencing self-doubt or in a period of transition,


feeling like your inner voice is more mean than kind,


experiencing feelings of anxiety,

prioritising everyone else's needs above your own,

feeling stuck in trying to get things perfect but always falling short.

I think I'm ready, but I'm a little nervous. How does this actually work?

Doing a new thing can feel hard, right? And a new thing like holistic counselling or therapy can give you all the vulnerability feels and bring up all the questions - is there something wrong with me?, will I get this 'right'?, how can I open up to a stranger? Plus, there's the added 'what if' of not knowing what to actually expect. So here's a little snapshot of what you can expect

1. You book your first session. TThis is often the hard bit: making the decision that you're getting the support you need and desire. When you click through to book, you'll be offered the option to book a 15 minute 'good fit' call or to go ahead and book your first session. Once you book that first session, I'll send through some paperwork to fill out prior to your appointment. I conduct all of my sessions online, however if you are local to the Croydon North or Warrandyte (VIC, Australia) area, you may request in-person sessions also. 

2. You attend your first session. It's ok if you have no idea 'what to do'. I get it - I've been on both sides of this counselling relationship. Rest-assured that it's my job (and joy) to create a space for exploration. You simply need to show up open and willing to explo 


3. We continue exploring. I usually suggest you come prepared to engage in at least 6 sessions. These can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, as best suits you. You're certainly not loked into any contracts, but counselling tends to be a longer-game, not a quick fix. You may decided to work with me long-term. There are no rules - just space to determine what is most supportive to you, each step of the way. After most sessions there will be things you can explore on your own (some might call it 'homework'; I call it living!).

Somatic Counselling - cost and location

Cost: $120 AUD per session. 

Location: Anywhere! I conduct sessions online. If you prefer in person sessions, these are available on request in Croydon North (in Melbourne, Australia).

How many sessions will I need? What happens if I don't need counselling any more?

Great questions! And the answer is to the first one is ... it depends. We will talk about this together in your first session, but I ask that you come prepared to commit to six sessions (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) as a start. It’s possible you’ll need less and its also possible that you’ll want more.


Self-care, self-discovery and self-kindness is a long-game. I can’t and don’t promise quick-fix miracles, but what I do promise is compassionate support to help you reach your goals.

I want to book but I have questions.

No worries! Just click here and book a free 15 minute 'good fit' call. No pressure, no commitment.

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