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The human body is wildly clever. Like, truly. But it can feel like a frustrating mystery when it's persistently tense and uncomfortable. How can movement help?


Mindful movement practices - in particular Somatic Exercise - can support you to connect with your body and ease tension from your muscles. There's this saying - motion is lotion - and it's rather true! Motion - movement - is the language of the body, and when we can move our body mindfully, we invite more ease into the whole system.


This is the work we can do together in 1-1 movement and somatic exercise sessions

  • develop a movement routine that supports your daily life so that tension, aches and pains don't feel like they take over

  • navigate specific-to-you movement challenges (like that aching hip or tight shoulder)

  • trouble-shoot movements that feel challenging, uncoordinated or that you think you're not getting 'right'.

1-1 counselling image.png

Movement can be a powerful tool for managing aches, pains, tension and stress. But what if you don't know where to start and you want 1-1 support to navigate that?

1-1 Movement sessions can help.

1-1 Movement and somatic exercise sessions could be for you if you are:


Looking for 1-1 support to move your body in gentle, mindful ways that incorporate somatic exercise, yoga and pilates

Experiencing aches, pains and tension and don't know where to start

Looking to develop an at-home mindful movement practice but need guidance

Experiencing an autoimmune or chronic health condition and want a gentle approach to movement


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