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Movement as Self-Kindness: A Workshop

When: Saturday 5th June @ 1 - 3:30pm

Where: Seed Yoga + Wellness 1A Salisbury Ave, Blackburn VIC

Investment: $65

At it's core, movement is an act of self-kindness that supports us to feel well and to be and do the things we desire with more capacity and ease. Buuut ... it doesn't always feel like that.


Over time, we may have come to see our movement practice as something we 'should' be doing and chalking up all the ways it 'has' to be in order to be valid or valuable. But what if all those shoulds and has-tos don't hold up?

How do we return to movement as an act of self-kindness?

In this 2.5 hour workshop, this is exactly what we'll explore. 

During this session we'll practice a unique blend of yoga, pilates and somatic exercise through this lens of self-kindness. Expect gentle movement to unwind tension and re-awaken movement pathways and possibilities. 

We'll question those beliefs that may be contributing to the 'shoulds' we hold ourselves accountable to, and explore other possibilities that support us - kindly - in the pursuit of how we want to feel.

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