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Private Sessions

Over time (multiple decades for most of us!) we find ourselves moving and being in ways that are habitual.

We walk a particular way, sit a particular way, reach a particular way. We hold our kids or grandkids on one hip, have a preference for our reaching arm, our supporting leg. In short, we create habitual patterns in our body-mind. And that’s ok – I mean, it gets it done, right?


Yes … but it also creates patterns of stress and strain that can give us discomfort and pain. We feel it in a shoulder that aches, or a hip that doesn’t want to bear weight, or a back that niggles. Sometimes the discomfort is minimal, but we know we want to be able to move with more ease – to find the fullest range of motion we have available.

When you choose private yoga, this is what we work with: we look for your blind spots – those physical patterns that are causing discomfort or less than optimal movement, and we work together to increase connection, mobility and comfort using yoga and somatic exercise movements.

A private session with me is designed to empower you. It’s not about me imposing things on you or fixing you – it’s about you learning to feel and reconnect with your own body, and come away with a toolkit of movements you can practice to feel better in your own skin.

We meet for roughly an hour, either in person or online, and work through whichever movements we think will help you with where you’re at. From there, I create some resources for you to use at home – it might be written or illustrated instructions or a video to help you with your continued practice at home. I also check in with you to see how you’re doing and answer any questions you might have.

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Investment: $240 for 3 sessions (to be used within 3 months) OR $100 per individual session.

"An amazing tool kit to help my issues with my body and a total change in my posture and no more unhappy shoulders." - Private client