If you’ve landed here on this page, chances are you’re looking for answers to a question like:


How can I manage the persistent tension I experience in my shoulders/hips/back?


I’m curious about yoga/pilates/somatics but are they really going to help me?


How can I feel more connected to my body and find a way to treat it as an ally rather than an enemy?


Well, I’m glad you’re here and I’d love

to support you to find those answers.



A private session with me is designed to fill your tool-kit with practices you can use to feel better in your own skin - whether it be shifting persistent tension, dealing with that back that always feels like it’s cranky or learning to befriend your body through movement. 


It’s about learning to feel, reconnect with and trust your own body. Together, we’ll tailor movements to your unique needs so you can develop a movement practice that helps you feel better.


"An amazing tool kit to help my issues with my body and a total change in my posture and no more unhappy shoulders." 

"... after only having one private lesson with Erica and engaging in the tailored movements and exercises she provided I noticed a HUGE improvement!"

Even after just a week my range of motion and fluidity was amazing, I even felt restful and easy in downward dog. The one-on-one lessons with Erica have been invaluable and I continue to find ease and motion I never thought I could have."


I’m a yoga teacher, mat pilates instructor and somatic exercise coach.

But I’m probably not exactly what you think …


This isn’t about designing a beautiful flowing routine that you do while the sun rises out your window and the sound of om fills the room. Those things are great, to be sure, but it’s not what you can expect from me.


Instead, I bring a background informed by neuroscience, psychology, pain science and looking at how the body has very cleverly adapted to the circumstances that make up your reality. 


We’re not looking to shape your movements into something text-book perfect, but rather to look for opportunities to enhance the brain-body connection, the clarity and function of movement, and places where, if we make some little shifts, you can experience big shifts in comfort and self-kindness.


Investment: $120 AUD per hour long session

Location: Anywhere! I conduct all 1-1 sessions via Zoom.

What to expect. During the session we will:

> Chat about your unique challenges and goals.

> Move. I'll take you through a series of movements designed to help identify where you might be moving with reduced awareness and where more or more controlled movement might be beneficial. We'll also talk about how you breathe and other practices that might support you to move well.

> Talk about 'what next'. How can you incorporate these practices into your day and life?

What else is included:

> You can record the entire session to your computer for future reference.

> Email follow-up and email support for questions between sessions.

How many sessions will I need?

> Great question! And the answer is ... it depends. Some people see me for just a single session and that gets some big pieces of the puzzle in place for them to go away and play with. For others, we meet every week. Movement is a LONG game, so I don't promise quick-fix miracles (if I did, I'd absolutely expect you to run a mile). What I do promise is thoughtful, honest support to help you reach your goals.

I have more questions before I book ...

> No worries! Just click here and book a free 15 minute 'good fit' call. No pressure, no commitment.

Want to chat first to see how I can help?   

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