Imagine moving beyond your habitual patterns (those ways of moving and being that keep you stuck in tension) and towards reduced tension, increased strength and flexibility. 

A private session with me is designed to fill your tool-kit with practices you can use to shift tension, build strength and flexibility and foster a deep sense of self-kindness.


It’s about learning to feel and reconnect with your own body, and come away with a toolkit of movements you can practice to feel better in your own skin.

"An amazing tool kit to help my issues with my body and a total change in my posture and no more unhappy shoulders." 


We meet for roughly an hour via Zoom (an online platform that allows us to see each other) and work to identify your current movement needs and goals. We'll identify movement patterns that might be contributing to tension and talk about how you can move beyond them. Be prepared to move through a number of exercises in our time together.



$120 per session


> Minimum commitment of 3 sessions

> Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

We will discuss session frequency during your first call. 

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 "... after only having one private lesson with Erica and engaging in the tailored movements and exercises she provided I noticed a HUGE improvement!


Even after just a week my range of motion and fluidity was amazing, I even felt restful and easy in downward dog. The one-on-one lessons with Erica have been invaluable and I continue to find ease and motion I never thought I could have." 

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