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Our modern lives mean that physical tension is pretty inevitable.


Having tense shoulders, hips and low back has almost become the norm.


Often, we can come to feel as though we're victims to our bodies, with no clear path out of the tension that keeps building up.


But ... there are ways we can move - using the principles of yoga, pilates and somatic exercise - that make a BIG difference to the way we feel.

Enter ... The Full Body Reset.

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It's time to move well

and feel well

In this 8 Week Guided Course, I'll show you how to:

> move from tense to having more ease

> gently build strength and flexibility

> learn tools and techniques that will allow you to respond to tension and stress as it arises

> develop a deeper capacity for self-kindness and inner-listening

> commit to 8 weeks of self-kindness and self-care to move well and feel well.

The truth is, your body is terribly clever.


You hold so much power when it comes to changing the way that you feel.


Through simple practices, developing your capacity to listen to your body, and a commitment to self-kindness, you can live with less tension and more ease.

This isn't a magic pill that will forever free you from tension and discomfort. It IS an opportunity to fill your toolkit with techniques and practices that help you to be responsive to your body and your being as you navigate life. 

Keen to join me?

The next round of The Full Body Reset will run early in 2021. Join the waitlist to be among the first to know when registration opens.


 "I was quite surprised to realise just how much this gentle form of exercise could improve my body and my self.


I am so much more aware of my body and understand how I can look after myself in a kinder way."

Lyn, member of The Mindful Movement Virtual Studio

What will we cover in the 8 weeks? Here's a brief rundown ... 

Week 1: The foundational principles

In Week 1 we'll explore the foundational principles including breathing well, a daily movement 'snack', why self-kindness matters and setting up the right mindset.

Week 2: Finding ease - the pelvis and hips

In Week 2 we'll build on week one and focus on the principle of finding ease through somatic exercise. We'll begin our exploration at the centre of the body - the pelvis. 

Week 3: Finding ease - the shoulders

In Week 3 we'll explore finding ease in the shoulders and arms and how this relates to the rest of the body.

Week 4: Finding ease - the spine and waist

In Week 4 we'll explore controlled and fluid movement at the spine and waist and, again, explore the ways this relates to the rest of the body.

Week 5: Centre of support - the 'core'

In Week 5 we'll explore this notion of 'core' strength and developing reflexive strength through the midline. 

Week 6: Full body strength

In Week 6 we'll explore strengthening the whole body, integrating the elements of ease and support we explored in earlier weeks.

Week 7: Stretching and fluidity

In Week 7 we'll explore stretching and fluidity and put this together with 'finding ease' and strength. 

Week 8: Integration and restoration

In Week 8 we'll pull together all of the ideas from the weeks prior and talk about how to create a sustainable practice ongoing. We'll also explore the power of restorative yoga. 

The fine print (made big enough to read because, well, it's important:

> This course is in no way a replacement for appropriate medical or psychological care. Refer to our website disclaimer, website terms and conditionsmember terms and copyright disclaimer for details

> It is recommended you seek advice from your treating healthcare practitioner before starting any new exercise program

> You will have access to the course materials for 6 months from the start date of the course. Members of The Mindful Movement Virtual Studio who purchase the 8 week Full Body Reset Course must retain their membership to receive continued access to the course (i.e. at the time of cancelling your Mindful Movement Virtual Studio Membership, you will also lose access to the course materials). 

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