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Take inventory of your JOY!

(Ready to download the JOY inventory without all the preamble? Scroll to the bottom of this page - it's not long, I promise!)

Joy. It has a lovely way of dropping in your lap sometimes, doesn't it?

But what could life be like if we were INTENTIONAL in seeking joy, instead of longing for those fleeting moments? What if we - on purpose - sought joy out and made it a part of our every day?

In her book Atlas of the Heart, Brene Brown defines joy as 'an intense feeling of deep spiritual connection, pleasure and appreciation'. She goes on to share some research into joy that is truly incredible: 'while experiencing joy, we don't lose ourselves, we become more truly ourselves.' Um ... yes please to all of that, right?

Now here's the thing. Sometimes, you may not know what brings you joy. You know it when you feel it, but the everyday maybe feels a little lacking. It might even be something you put off til the weekend or holidays or 'someday' when life feels easier.

Joy, though, is available in the small moments. When we choose to seek it out and feel the appreciation and pleasure it inspires. For me, the first sip of my coffee is joy. Listening to music is joy. Reading a book is joy. Moving my body is joy.

To support you in finding more moments of joy, I've created the JOY Inventory which you can download below. Print it off and fill it out or use it to inspire a journal/diary/notebook scribble.

When you know where joy can be found, you can look for it more often and incorporate it into your everyday.

Happy joy-seeking, friend.

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